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Sarah Phillips has had a camera in her hand longer than she hasn't, and she's never met a camera she didn't like. From digital, film, micro four-thirds, drones, video, iPhones, and so on, Sarah revels in finding the beauty in the light and story around her. She began studying commercial photography under the tutelage of Roger Berg, a renowned and innovative Photoshop early adopter during her teen years, and then attending the prestigious University of Missouri journalism school, focusing on newspaper and magazine journalism with an emphasis in design. She then moved to Los Angeles, where she has pursued filmmaking, storytelling, and photography for the past nine years. She has a mini-Australian Shepherd and loves musicals, and is continually thinking about new ways to tell stories. She recently got her MFA in TV & Screenwriting, another notch in the storytelling pursuit.


Her approach has always been to think outside the box, under the influence of a restless mind, a journalism degree, an inventor father, and an adventurous mother.


The question is never IF, the question is HOW.